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Marble Surface

Sobre el curso

BB Glow foundation is the ultimate beauty treatment for your skin making it brighter & smoothing imperfections pores and removing discoloured areas on the face. This layer of BB serum contains pigments, peptides and vitamins. It is injected into your skin using the microneedling process. This provides you with a clear natural-looking base complexion that could last 4 months to one year. The results are amazing! Your skin tone will be even, smooth and lovely. It will leave your skin brightened, powerless and flawlessly glowing skin.

The BB Glow Foundation course at Rejuvenus is designed for beginners or advanced estheticians with no experience necessary. With our one-day course you will gain the knowledge and experience you need to. start offering a trending BB Glow Meso Therapy Treatment. The course covers the theoretical materials with a slide presentation and practical demonstration on live models. Plus, you will learn 5 techniques that will keep you updated with the greatest beauty trend.

What's included?
• Training Manual
• BB Glow and Microneedling Kit
• Live Models Practice, Supervised
• Certificate of Completion
• Individual & Group Hand-On Training
• Stock/products available after the training
• Lifetime support from your instructors

Duration: 2 Weeks (3-4 hours per day)

Marble Surface

Prerequisite: No
Model: Yes (1-2 in class)

• Skin Anatomy & Physiology
• Skin Analysis,Types, Conditions
• History of BB Glow Foundation
• Science behind BB Glow
• Microneedling
• Product Selection
• Step by Step Instructions
• Contraindications
• Safety & Hygiene
• Treatment Protocol
• Marketing Strategies

• Demo & Live Models
• Hand-on Practice
• Client Consultation
• Client Preparation
• Set-up for Treatment
• Microneedling Techniques
• Post Procedure Care
• Equipment Maintenance
• Photography/ Social Media
• Business Tips

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