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Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. It creates the illusion of more volume, length and the mascara look we all love without the smudge. Your artist will sort through each natural lash, one-by-one, to apply one extension per one natural lash and can last from two to four weeks. We recommend keeping your eyelashes free from any liquids for at least for 24 hours after the treatment.

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Classic Lashes

  • Single lashes that create the illusion of more volume, length and the "mascara look” we all love without the smudge. They are applied one extension to one natural (healthy) lash.


Russian/Volume Lashes

  • Create a full and darker lash line. They are extremely lightweight and are able to be strategically bundled together in a fan form and applied to one lash at a time.


Hybrid Lashes

  • They are a combination of both methods. They are versatile in offering a thicker, denser look than classic lashes, but without the uniformity and softness of a typical Russian volume set.


Essentially a style-treatment for your lashes, This process is safer, more effective and far more natural looking than traditional eyelash perms. It’s the ideal and go-to solution for clients seeking an alternative to eyelash extensions.

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Lash Lift

  • It is the beauty treatment that instantly gives them, lift, separation, and extra definition without the use of extensions or any harmful chemicals. The treatment typically takes 30-45 minutes and can be combined with a lash tint. A lash lift can last four to eight weeks.


Lash Tint

  • It is a form of hair dye developed for specific use on the eyelashes. Eyelash tinting produces a similar effect to mascara. It visibly lengthens, darkens and thickens the appearance of eyelashes without smudging, clotting or rubbing off. The treatment typically takes 10-15 minutes and can be combined with a lash lift. Lash tinting usually lasts about one-two weeks.


Quick and painless procedure to achieve a brighter, whiter smile using the latest laser technology.

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A FDA and Health Canada Approved beamlight is used that triggers whitening agents into the tooth enamel enabling for stains to be removed from the teeth.


Gel is applied to the teeth. A cold blue laser (array of LEDs) is placed directly in front of the client’s exposed teeth and runs for 15 - 20 minutes per treatment.


It is a safe and non-invasive treatment that whitens your teeth 4 shades lighter in only 45 minutes. Instant results!


Permanent Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lipliner

If you have a very busy schedule or allergies to certain products, permanent makeup on your eyes and lips can be a good option for you.

Benefits include:

  • Quick procedure

  • Virtually painless

  • Long-lasting (approximately 2 years)

  • Done with organic pigments that will not change colour

  • Minimally invasive

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Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure, which implants pigment into the skin with small, sterile, disposable needles. It is a great option of a natural enhancement for people who are allergic to cosmetics, have little to no eyebrows, light eyebrows, vision problems, have very active lifestyles or just want to minimize their daily routine. 


Areas that can be enhanced include your eyebrows, around your eyes on the eyelid and inside the lower lash line. You can also choose to have permanent lip liner applied; this makes lips look more professionally finished, and thin lips slightly fuller. 


Our medical aestheticians will apply your permanent makeup in a procedure called micro-pigment implementation. In effect, it’s similar to doing a tattoo.



Rejuvenus prides itself on providing clients with the best possible permanent makeup solution based on their individual skin type, bone structure, and so on. Strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines are follow in accordance with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).


Clients can be rest assured that they are receiving a meticulously performed procedure by a leading expert in the field, even often fixing mistakes previously made by less experienced artists. Pain is minimal; however, topical anesthesia can be used for maximum comfort, for sensitive skin.

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  • Permanent Eyebrow

  • Eyeliner

  • Lipliner


Waxing and Threading Services personalized to your unique needs.

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Get rid your of unwanted hair without inflicting too much pain on your delicate pores. At Rejuvenus we are aimed at making your waxing experience as clean, comfortable and fun as possible!


Choose from a range of styles on our menu:

-Eyebrowns           -Face

-Nostrils                 -Shoulders

-Underwarm          -Bikini Wax

-Upper Lip             -Arms

-Chest                    -Back

-Legs                      -Braziliaan Wax

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