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Can you have Botox on the same day as your Facial Treatment?

Botox and Facials at Rejuvenus Clinic.

Are you thinking about combining treatments on the same day to maximize your time? It’s now more common to pair injectables like Botox with facial treatments for enhanced results. But when is it safe, and what combinations offer the most benefit? Here are some tips for those looking to streamline their aesthetic care without compromising on safety or results.

Botox and BBL “Forever Young” Photofacial

The Broad-Band Light  treatment is a phototherapy procedure (it’s light, not laser) designed to target signs of aging and sun damage, delivering a refreshed and youthful skin appearance. We will typically administer Botox on the same treatment day but only after a BBL treatment, not before. This gives patients the dual benefits of enhanced skin texture and tone, with reduced muscle activity that leads to wrinkles.

Botox and BelaMD Hydrofacial

The Bela MD Hydro Facial Treatment is known for its gentle exfoliation and deep hydration, making it an excellent base treatment for Botox injections. We perform the hydrofacial first to prepare the skin, followed by Botox injections. This order of treatments ensures that the skin is in an optimal state for Botox to be administered, providing an immediate boost in skin quality with the long-term benefit of reduced lines and wrinkles.

Botox and Microcurrent aka Electroporation

A word of caution about microcurrent. Typically, one of the steps in a BelaMD treatment is electroporation, or microcurrent. Microcurrent devices are designed to open up the pores for better absorption of skincare products and stimulate your facial muscles. If you’ve recently had Botox, be sure to tell your medical practitioner about it and point out the areas where you had Botox injections, even if it’s been a few weeks since your treatment. Our medical aestheticians will then steer clear of treating affected areas with the microcurrent device. The reason for avoiding Botox-treated areas is that the microcurrents can temporarily intensify muscle activity, which might speed up Botox breakdown, shortening its effect.

That said, if it’s been 3 to 4 months since your last injection and you’re getting ready to “top up” soon, then this is no longer a concern and the microcurrent device can be used on those areas that you normally get treated with Botox.

Botox and Chemical Peels or Microneedling

When combining Botox with other facial treatments, it’s important to consider the type of facial and the mechanisms at play. For example, treatments that involve significant manipulation of the skin or deeper exfoliation, like chemical peels or microneedling  may require a waiting period before or after Botox injections to ensure the best results and to reduce the risk of spreading the botulinum toxin beyond the desired area.


In all cases, the golden rule is to consult with our medical aesthetic professionals. A consultation can help determine the best treatment plan, tailored to individual needs and taking into account the most current clinical guidelines. This personalized approach ensures that you can safely enjoy the compounded benefits of these advanced skincare treatments while saving time. Contact us at 647.615.0223 or emailing to schedule a complementary consultation and answer any of your questions.

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