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An Exfoliating Toner For Acne Prone Skin

Pore Solution efficiently exfoliates dead surface skin cells, brightening the complexion, minimizing the appearance of pore size, and leaving acne prone skin with a healthy glow.



  • Reaches deep into pores to cleanse thoroughly
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Leaves skin feeling softer, pleasantly refreshed, and with a healthy glow
  • Salicylic acid very efficiently exfoliates the skin surface and penetrates pore openings

*Salicylic Acid: A well recognized, non-prescription ingredient that treats Acne pimples and controls future breakouts
*Butyl Avocadate: Controls excess sebum



Twice daily, in the morning and at bedtime. If dryness or irritation occurs, reduce application to once a day. Cleanse skin thoroughly. Saturate a cotton ball and apply to the entire face. Allow time for skin to dry before proceeding with the next step in the skin care routine.

Pore Solution

  • 74 mL/2.5oz

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