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100% Pure Topical Vitamin C Powder. Improves the Look of Dull, Flaky, Sun-Damaged Skin, Has Lightening, Antioxidant, and Firming Properties.

L-Ascorbic acid improves fine lines, discoloration, and protects the skin from environmental assaults resulting in healthy revitalized skin appearance when used regularly. This is the only ingredient in our 100% stable PURE “C”. This highly absorbable powder can be mixed to boost the effects of any Biophora cream or gel product.



  • 100% Pure Topical Vitamin C
  • Improves the Look of Dull, Flaky, Sun-Damaged Skin
  • Has Lightening, Antioxidant, and Firming Properties

The Pure C is a stable 100% pure topical Vitamin C dissolves instantly into any Biophora cream or gel. Improves the look of dull, flaky, sun-damaged skin with lightening, antioxidant and firming properties.


For optimum results, BIOPHORA PURE “C” is mixed with BIOPHORA skin care products. The product comes with a tiny pharmaceutical measuring spoon. Mix 1 part BIOPHORA PURE ‘C’ to 4 parts of a compatible BIOPHORA product.
Measurements can be adjusted to increase efficacy for each skin type based on personal preference. Apply at night for best results, as product may be photo- degraded with exposure to sun.
It is especially recommended, for the most aggressive correction of the skin, to combine with a product having a pH of 3.5 or less, such as: BIOPHORA Bioactive Gel, AHA Active Gel or Gentle AHA Cream.
For a less aggressive regime use BIOPHORA PURE ‘C’ mixed with BIOPHORA Antioxidant Moisturizer, Day Protection SPF 30 or Derma Rich Moisturizer.


Insider Tip: If you are a routine user of Vitamin C and have been using daily in your night cream, try increasing it to morning (starting every other day x 7 days, until tolerated) or step up your game and add to your Bioactive Gel instead!

***PLEASE NOTE: Biophora is a medical skin care brand. It is our goal to provide the most effective, safe, and expedited results available, as a commitment to our Clients, all Biophora product ordering is supervised to ensure that the nature of the product and it's ingredients are understood. Before processing your order, our Clinic will check our records and contact you to book a skin consultation if required.

Pure “C” Powder

  • 15 g/ 0.5 oz

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