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This hydrojelly masque features citric acid which fights against the dullness of dark spots and discolouration, while increasing brightness, radiance, and luminosity. Glutathione accelerates the dissipation of melanin from the skin by inhibiting the dark coloration caused by tyrosinase.


EACH BOX CONTAINS: 2 Hydrojelly™ Masks along with 2 Biodegradable Trays, 1 Spatula and 1 Scoop. 

SKIN TYPE: Aging Skin, Dull Skin, Uneven-Tone, Sagging.


  • Gold has antioxidants that can protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage.

  • It activates the skin cells to increase elasticity to give off a healthier complexion.


Illuminating Orange Hydrojelly™ Mask

  • Pack of 2 

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