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Body slimming, firming and remodelling cream. Moisturizes the skin and improves the body contour.


Active Principles

Maslinic Acid, Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), Caffeine + Silanol, Glutrapeptide, Brassica Alba Sprout Extract and Capsaicin. 



Body treatment to remodel the body silhouette.


Mechanism of Action

Intense body treatment formulated with excellent, tried-and-tested active ingredients. Reduces localized fat deposits, fights cellulite and improves skin firmness and elasticity thus sculpting body silhouette. Skin warming and rubefaction effect, as a result of peripheral circulation activation that eases the penetration of the actives and the elimination of fat.


Application Technique

Apply every day.

Innoaesthetics Epigen Body Contour

  • 200mL

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