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Marble Surface

About the course

Permanent makeup (micro-pigmentation) is a cosmetic procedure, which implants pigment into the skin with small, sterile, disposable needles. It is a great option of a natural enhancement for people who are allergic to cosmetics, have little to no eyebrows, vision problems, have very active lifestyles or just want to minimize their daily routine.
Permanent makeup is a quickly growing industry and is a very popular service to have done. This service allows you to create a lucrative career for yourself and feel passionate about it!
This course offers an in-depth theory and practical knowledge of Permanent Brows, Eyeliner and Lipliner.

What's included?
• Training Manual
• Full Professional Kit
• Individual & Group Hand-On Training
• Live Models Practice, Supervised
• Certificate of Completion
• Lifetime support from your instructors

Duration: 6 Weeks (3-4 Hours per Day)

Marble Surface

Prerequisite: No Required
Model: Yes (3 in class)

Face Anatomy
Colour Theory
Foundations of tattooing
Health Safety and Sterilization
Product Knowledge
Brow, Eyeliner & Lip
Mapping Techniques
Set up & Procedure
PMU Instructions
Client Maintenance
Marketing Strategies

Live demo on a model
Station cleanup & tools sterilization
Client Consultation
Client Preparation
Room/Trolley Set Up
Tattoo Practice Skin
Practice Brows, Eyelier &
Lip Shading on Live Models
Pre and Post Care

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