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Keeping your skin soft and hydrated can be a full-time job, especially if your skin is sensitive! Signs of aging, crepey skin texture and dullness can creep up fast if you frequently struggle with dry skin. Though not a serious condition, having a lackluster skin tone and frequent dryness can have the effect of reducing your confidence. Finding a great group of professionals is therefore very important for maintaining the radiance and youth of your complexion. 


At Rejuvenus Clinic, we’re here to lend a hand and help you retain your natural beauty.


Dry Skin Rejuvenus



Dry Skin tends to occur for a number of reasons, the most common being aging. As we get older, our skin’s ability to renew surface cells slows down by a wide margin. This leads to a buildup of dead skin cells that overshadow the otherwise rosy, pink, and hydrated tone of our faces. Additionally, having sensitive skin, struggling with excessive stress, and not taking off your makeup before bed can all contribute to the gradual decline of your complexion. Thankfully, we are here to provide you with several options for addressing this concern.

Dry skin can occur at any age and for many reasons.  In general, skin becomes increasingly dry as we age; it is drier in winter months than in summer months, and drier in low humidity environments. Certain skin diseases make skin more susceptible to drying and irritation ‑ eczema, psoriasis, etc. Harsh detergents and soaps further irritate the skin. In the winter there is a tendency to want to take nice long hot showers that further degrease the already dry skin, aggravating the situation. Using detergents and soaps with the hot water and its degreasing action adds insult to injury.


As the skin dries, it cracks and feels rough. Areas of redness develop. Scratching or rubbing the skin causes burning and itching sensations, leading to more itching and scratching.

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  • Redness, rough skin texture

  • Flaking, scaling, or peeling

  • Roughness

  • Dullness, grayness or loss of youthful color

  • Itchiness

  • Fine lines and cracks

  • In severe cases, deep cracks that may bleed

While you can choose to use at-home remedies to treat dry skin, you may find that it does not work as well as hoped to eradicate the dry skin. At home treatments may hydrate your skin for a day or two, but then the dry skin comes back. Rejuvenus Clinic offers facial treatments and medical-grade products that are suitable for all skin types and will target your dry skin problems effectively and creates long lasting results.


  • Bathing or showering should be brief. Prolonged showers or baths hydrate your skin, but the process of drying your skin after the shower or bath with towels or evaporation can leave your skin less hydrated than before you started. Therefore, bathing and showering should be kept between 5-10 minutes in warm water.

  • Avoid hot water. Hot water removes your natural skin oils more quickly.

  • Use a mild soap (mainly for armpits & groin). Soaps can be drying to the skin. Try to use a mild, super-fatted soap or preferably non-soap cleanser.

  • Do not rub to dry your skin after bathing. Instead pat your skin dry with a towel.

  • Moisturize immediately. Apply a cream or balm or ointment (preferable to lotion) right after bathing while your skin is still moist. This will make bathing a moisturizing experience, rather than a drying experience for your skin. When you let your skin become completely dry after washing, some of the skin’s natural moisture is lost through evaporation. Apply cream throughout the day as needed.

Rejuvenus Clinic Moisturizer
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Nearly everyone has suffered from dry and dehydrated skin to some degree in their life, although some experience it daily, more often and more severely than others. It can affect any area of your body, however when it is on our face it can make us feel not only discomfort but also very insecure about our appearance.


There are several causes of dry skin, which is why it affects so many people. Living in Toronto and in Canada, we know that when winter comes, the drastic drop in temperature and humidity is likely to dry out our skin, and it is made even worse by indoor heating and hot showers. For other individuals, sensitivities to soaps, detergents and shampoos will cause skin to dry out as well.  Furthermore, your risk of developing dry skin naturally increases as you get older. Our most popular dry skin treatments include:

MEDICAL FACIALS - An amazing treatment that removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates, hydrates, brightens, and smooths the skin. For this facial, fractional and permeating tips connect to a device that delivers an electromagnetic pulse that disrupts the skin’s intercellular electrical connections, allowing therapeutic products to be absorbed deep into the skin layers non-invasively. No needles, no pain, no downtime, and it can be performed on any skin type. This facial is relaxing, hydrating, and takes about an hour.


CLINICAL PEELS - Chemical peels or clinical peels are the easiest and most cost-effective form of skin rejuvenation. It involves exfoliating layers of dark, dry, and dull skin and revealing a plump and more youthful skin underneath. It’s an effective anti-dull skin treatment because it promotes skin renewal by stimulating quick turn over dead skin cells.


MEDICAL GRADE SKINCARE - Incorporating medical-grade skincare into your beauty routine preserves the results of your dull skin treatments. They are guaranteed safer and more effective than drugstore skincare products as they are backed by thorough research and are recommended by dermatologists and clinicians. They contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that can transform dull skin in no time.


Here at Rejuvenus Clinic, we happily offer a range of treatment options to enhance the beauty of your skin. The treatments delivered at our center are individualized based on your unique needs. We understand that your skin care concerns are specific to you and therefore require personalized attention. We invite you to schedule a consultation today and explore all of the ways we can help you regain your absolute best look.


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At Rejuvenus Clinic, we are dedicated to delivering the best service to our patients. 

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, our experts will provide you will all the information you need.

What is the best way to treat dry skin?

Moisturize , Take shorter showers and baths and Avoid scented soaps. There are many causes of dry skin, including harsh soaps, environmental factors such as cold weather and dry heat, and prolonged exposure to water such as swimming, showers, and baths. No matter what the case may be, the best way to treat dry skin at home is to be nice to your skin! The best home remedies for dry skin include the following: moisturizing; taking cooler, shorter showers and baths, and skipping scented soaps and shower gels.

Which Areas of the Body are More Prone to Dry Skin? 

The face and hands are particularly exposed to external factors, which makes them susceptible to dry skin. The shins and elbows often also display signs of dryness. The areas are exposed to mechanical stress, e.g. when the arms is bent or when jeans and other items of clothing rub againts them. Medical grade skincare provides dry skin with rich moisturise and can be used on face, body and hands.

Are Certain types of dry skin genetic conditions or disorders ?

Xeroderma is the medical term for dry skin. Ichthyosis is a genetic condition that causes dry skin. While there are many types of ichthyosis, the most common type is called ichthyosis vulgaris (also called fish scale syndrome). With ichthyosis vulgaris, skin on the shins is severely dry and appears similar to fishlike scales. Dry skin is also commonly seen in people with atopic dermatitis, which is also thought to be genetically related.

The Best Way To Clean Your Skin is To Use A Gentle Celenser and What Else?

If you have dry skin on your face, forget scrubbing. Friction from cleansing tools causes rubbing, and scrubbing can irritate and inflame your skin. So, what is the best, gentlest tool for facial cleansing? Your very own hands! Wash the skin on your face as gently as you would wash the skin on a baby.

Can Certain Medications cause dry skin?

Medications can cause dry skin. Diuretics prescribed for high blood pressure, antihistamines prescribed for allergies, and retinoids prescribed for acne are all examples of medications that may dry out the skin. 

Your priority should be babying your skin to help it restore its hydrolipidic barrier. Morning and night, start your beauty routine with an ultra mild facial cleanser and moisturizer for nourishing the skin and restoring elasticity.

What Are The Consequences of Dry Skin?

In some people, areas of seriously dry skin can lead to inflammation of the skin called dermatitis. When dermatitis is present, your dermatologist may prescribe a corticosteroid cream or ointment (cortisone). The corticosteroid cream is applied to the affected areas to treat the problem. Discontinue when the dermatitis clears up. The use of a moisturizing lotion or cream should be continued to help avoid recurrences. Keeping your skin well moisturized should improve dry skin.


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