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Do You Need Help Financing Your Treatment? 

We’ve made it easy!

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"Don't let your finances limit what you can do!" 

Now, there’s no holding back on getting that cosmetic procedure you’ve always wanted. Rejuvenus Clinic has partnered with a great local company called Do Finance to offer instant and easy financing for your treatments and make our services more accessible with affordable and flexible monthly and biweekly payment options.

Applications may be done online, and approvals are immediate so that you can proceed with your treatments with confidence.

Get BotoxDermal FIllers, PRP, or any of our non-surgical cosmetic treatments with Do Finance. Let nothing stop you from unleashing your full potential.  Start your beauty transformation with Rejuvenus today!

Flexible Payment Plan Available


Do Finance is the country’s top provider of easy installment solutions. They empower our patients with their convenient buy now, pay later systems. This allows them to break down the cost of big-ticket items into pocket-friendly monthly payments .

Rejuvenus Clinic offers these Financing options on all cosmetic treatment procedures and products for all qualified patients.

  • Do Finance offer loans starting at $500 + HST up to a maximum of $20,000.00.

  • Quick and easy with competitive rates. Interest rates depend on borrower's overall credit health, income and other debt trades.  At times they have 0% promo offered to eligible borrowers, subject to credit review. 

  • Monthly payments plans from 6 months up to 5 years towards procedures and/or skincare! 

Why Use do Finance

Apart from its flexible payment terms, here are other benefits you get when you use do Finance for your Rejuvenus aesthetic treatments. 

  • Low interest rates 

  • Lending criteria is less strict compared to banks

  • Easy, automatic monthly payments 


How to Use do Finance


Do Finance boasts of having the highest loan approval rate in the country. Applying is super easy, and approval is given within a few days. 

Here’s how to use Do Finance with Rejuvenus Clinic.

  1. Contact Rejuvenus Clinic to get a quote for your chosen cosmetic treatments or products.

  2. Apply for pre-approved funding using the quoted estimate we provided using your do finance account online.

  3. Book your treatment with us after getting your approval notification.

  4. Enjoy your treatment right away.

  5. And pay for it later!


For detailed inquiries on how to fund your Rejuvenus cosmetic treatments with do finance, please contact us. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you. 

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0% financing allows you the freedom to look better and feel better anytime. You won’t have to worry about paying for your treatment or inflated interest rates.




Our financing program works on a monthly payment plan. Your plan can be adjusted according to your specific needs. 




Applying for a Do Finance payment plan is quick and easy — simply provide a few details about yourself and get a real-time decision so you can purchase what you love now, and pay over time. 

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We have bank-level encryption protecting your information. Rest assured that payments are secure and private information stays safe. 

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