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Have you been dreaming of a smoother complexion but the large pores on your forehead, nose, and cheeks are ruining it for you? Rejuvenus Clinic presents the latest skincare advancements designed to minimize enlarged pores and enhance uneven skin texture.

Pores are small glands (called sebaceous glands) at the top of hair follicles on the skin through which sebum (oil) is released to the surface. It is an essential part of naturally moisturizing the skin, keeping it happy and healthy. While large pores cannot be eradicated entirely, it is possible to make them look smaller.




As with any skin care concern, getting to the root cause will not only help you find the best large pores treatment but also help you manage better skin care in the future. There are several factors that can ultimately lead to large pores such as:

Genetics​ - Some people are simply born with large pores. People with dry and fair skin have smaller pores while those with oilier and darker complexion are more likely to have larger pores.


Sun Exposure ​ - Large pores can be a visible sign of sun damage. Years of unprotected exposure to harmful ultraviolet light can break down collagen, elastin, and moisture from the skin rapidly, resulting in sagging and pulling of the tissues, which makes the pores appear more prominent.


Aging - As you age, the skin loses collagen and its natural ability to produce it at optimal levels. When this happens, the skin thickens and its elasticity suffers, dragging and stretching everything, making large pores more noticeable.

Clogged Pores​ - Skin congestion occurs when excess oil combines with dead skin cells and bacteria, partially blocking the pore and impeding its function. Blackheads, the most common example, can actually increase your pore size permanently when left untreated.

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Enlarged nose pores are perhaps the most common indication of having excess oil on your skin. As your body produces more oil, the oil gets stored within your pores and traps more debris. Over time, this manifests as larger blackheads and acne flare-ups. Having red, irritated skin is another common sign of having really big pores.


If these concerns sound like something you’re going through, we’re happy to provide you with the treatments needed to alleviate them.


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Nothing on the market in a way of makeup or serums beat an actual skincare treatment that can give you back your self-confidence with a long-lasting solution. At Rejuvenus Clinic, we offer the best skincare technologies in the industry that can do more than minimize your enlarged pores. Here are some of our top recommendations for large pore treatments:


CLINICAL PEELS - Clinical peels or chemical peels focus on revealing a radiant and fresh layer of skin with exfoliating solutions. It delivers skin renewal by getting rid of dead skin cells and stubborn debris buildup that’s clogging your pores. Clinical peels can be applied on the face, neck, décolleté, hands, and neck.


MICRONEEDLING - Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a safe, non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that stimulates natural elastin and collagen production. By triggering the skin’s wound healing response, it can enhance overall skin quality, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of large pores.


LASER TREATMENTS - Laser skin resurfacing procedures are another option for effective large pores treatment. They are proven to beneficially treat acne and blemishes, it also increases cell turnover and boosts collagen and elastin production, which not only minimizes the pores but improves the skin’s tightness and luminosity as well.


MEDICAL GRADE SKINCARE - Good skincare habits are also part of a successful large pores treatment plan. We recommend clients to stick to non-comedogenic beauty products that are oil free and won’t clog pores. We also swear by the effectiveness of pharmaceutical medical-grade skincare products that are specially formulated to address large pores and other skin conditions. Unlike drugstore skincare brands that are developed for the general population and contain lower amounts of active ingredients, medical-grade skincare products have therapeutic doses that can have transformative effects on the skin.


To find-out which treatment could be right for you, book an appointment today. 


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At Rejuvenus Clinic, we are dedicated to delivering the best service to our patients. 

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, our experts will provide you will all the information you need.

What Areas Are Prone to Large Pores?

Typically, the oiliest regions of the face are most prone to enlarged pores, such as the T-Zone area: nose, cheeks, and forehead. 

If you are bothered by your large pores and are looking for ways to minimize them, drop by our Rejuvenus clinic. Our dedicated team of beauty and skincare experts will be more than happy to find the best large pores treatment for you.

It Seems My Pores Have Gotten Bigger As I’ve Gotten Older. Why Is This?

Aging Skin Experiences Reduced Collagen Production Which Is Essential In Supporting Your Pores And Keeping Skin Firm. Also, If You Have Oily Or Congested Skin Your Pores May Be Larger Due To Excess Oil Production. There Are Treatments Available That Can Help Minimize The Appearance Of Enlarged Pores.

A targeted skin routine at home will maintain results and help manage enlarged pores.

What Results I Can Expect from Large Pores Treatment ?

Results may vary depending on the large pores treatment you have chosen to take. For instance, with chemical peels, it may take a few weeks or until the skin has completely healed before you notice significant changes. 

Laser resurfacing treatments are known for displaying amazing results immediately. The beauty about large pores treatments is that they also show progressive skin enhancements weeks or months after a procedure due to the added collagen boost.

Is It True That Large Pores Can Not Be Treated?

Pores Are Small Openings In The Skin That Are Essential For Healthy Skin Function. While It Is True That You Can Not “shrink” Your Pores, There Are Treatments Available That Can Unclog And Refine The Pores, Making Them Less Noticeable. For Example, Clinical Peels And Acne Treatments Can Clear Pore Congestion. Microneedling And Laser Skin Resurfacing Help Build New Collagen And Thicken The Skin, Which Helps Pores Appear Smaller. 

How Long Do Treatment Results Last?

Most of the large pores treatment we discussed deliver amazing results that last for a long time. However, our skincare experts may suggest doing maintenance treatments twice or three times a year to maintain the benefits.

Microneedling Sounds Painful. Why Is It Good For Large Pores?

Microneedling Is A Very Gentle Procedure That Is Virtually Painless. It Utilizes A Device That Has 10 Microneedles Which Create Precise Tiny Punctures Into The Top Layer Of Skin. This Stimulates New Collagen And Elastin, Which In Turn Thickens The Skin And Minimizes The Appearance Of Pores. There Is No Downtime After Microneedling, Therefore Patients Are Able To Return To Their Normal Activities After The Treatment.


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