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A multi-action serum, which combines 3 distinct forms of Vitamin C plus Vitamin E, to turn back the clock on aging skin. Corrects signs of photo-damage, improves tone and texture, and protects the skin’s surface layer. The synergy of Australian Kakadu plum, Vitamin C in a lipid soluble and an extended release form, plus Vitamin E delivers an exceptionally long-lasting antioxidant performance.



  • Works at the skin’s cellular level where corrective treatment is most effective
  • Scavenges the skin’s layers for harmful free radicals
  • Helps repair skin damaged by UV exposure, smoking and poor lifestyle habits
  • Stimulates collagen needed to maintain firm, youthful skin texture
  • Helps the complexion regain its bright, smooth, youthful appearance
  • Delivers remarkably fast acting, long lasting results



  • Apply once daily, in the morning
  • Glide three to five drops across the face, neck and chest; one drop on the back of each hand
  • Apply before additional cream or gel products
  • Apply on freshly cleansed skin

3C Serum

  • 15 mL

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