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Acne is mainly a matter of genetics. While it can’t be cured, it can certainly be controlled. If you treat your face every day, whether or not you see pimples, you can stop Acne before your skin breaks out. A little prevention can put an end to a lot of embarrassment. With the 3 easy steps in the Rejudicare Acne Kit you can keep your Acne problems under control. Whatever your age, your self-confidence will skyrocket, and that’s the key to beauty and the path to a better social life.




  • HexaCleanse 150ml
  • Pore solution 150ml 
  • BPO5 50ml





  • Helps control acne causing bacteria
  • Helps prevent itchiness
  • Reduces redness and inflammation


Directions: Up to twice a day, massage small amount of Hexacleanse onto damp face and neck. Rinse off with fresh water.



Pore Solution


  • Leaves skin feeling softer, pleasantly refreshed, and with a healthy glow
  • Salicylic acid very efficiently exfoliates the skin surface and penetrates pore openings


Directions: Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying Pore Solution. Apply it to affected areas one to three times daily or as directed by health care professional.





  • Dries up and clears away pimples
  • Protects skin from recurring breakouts
  • Calms itchy, irritated skin


Directions: Wash hands with non-medicated soap (without benzoyl peroxide).
Apply twice daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Fair-skinned individuals should begin with one application a day. For more severe cases, and/or if substantial improvement is not apparent within 3-4 weeks, consult a health care practitioner.


Adolescent Acne Kit

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