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International Student



Canada has a reputation for creating and maintaining an educational system with high standards that is recognized around world. Students that study in Canada and obtain an education here will be able to use that knowledge to their advantage when traveling and working in other parts of the world. Canada is a melting pot of many different cultures from around the entire world. We are fortunate to be able to offer International Students the opportunity to study in a beautiful country like Canada.


Simply Because Your Success is our Success. Your Career Success is a Reflection of our Training.  You will receive comprehensive and complete support starting from your Tour of our school, to choosing the right program or class for your needs, to financing options, structured and instructor lead training all the way to finding a job. Come visit our beauty school for a tour and experience our world-class staff and facility. See the difference for yourself.



Rejuvenus Training Centre is now very proud accepting International Students under the new guidelines of the Government of Canada. We welcome the opportunity to provide international students a great learning environment and quality based education. We urge all interested applicants to be well informed about the new regulations implemented by the Government of Canada. As you prepare to start on your Canadian academic journey , we wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy our country to the fullest.


Your file will be opened after the following items have been received in the original/scanned/faxed version:

  • The applicant must be of 18 years of age or older

  • Must have a High School / Grade 12 Diploma or equivalent in your country or post secondary education

  • The applicant must provide photocopied proof of Official Academic Documents – transcript, copy of certificate, degree or diploma

  • Basic Proficiency in English for non English Programs. All academic documents must be notarized or certified English translations

  • A complete International Student course application form

  • A copy of a photo ID – passport front page is preferable

  • Must prove that have sufficient funds for tuition, textbooks, student kit

  • Must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record

  • CDN $200 non-refundable International Student Application fee.


STEP 1 - Contact us to submit your Application along with photocopy of passport, educational documents and application fee of CAD $100 for Eligibility Assessment 

STEP 2 - Pay Registration Fee of $ 200.00 and applicable program tuition fee.

STEP 3 - Book your enrollment appointment with us. We can assist you and provide information regarding transportation and other information that you may need during your studies at Rejuvenus.

STEP 4 -  Upon, your arrival, enjoy your orientation day with our faculty and staff

STEP 5 - Commence your classes for a rewarding career in the beaty industry!

Rejuvenus Training Centre provides helpful support to all international student applicants and has a co-ordinator to assist you during the process of applications and for the duration of your studies. For further information, please Contact us at 647.615.0223.

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