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Many factors can affect our skin and influence what kind of products and practices we need for healthy, glowing skin, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to begin developing our personalized skincare routine.

But don’t worry. Here at Rejuvenus Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you with your breakouts, wrinkles, fine lines, and so much more, with ease!

Every person is different, which is why we believe in individualized skin care plans and treatment methods based on unique factors, including your lifestyle, your environment, and your natural skin type.

When you’re ready to begin developing the right skin care routine for your overall health and wellness, explore our Skin care Quiz to take the first step! In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about personalized skincare.

What is Personalized Skincare?

A personalized skincare routine is important, but what exactly is it? It’s a routine that has been specifically designed with a combination of products and skincare ingredients that can help you to achieve the healthiest, happiest skin possible.

Here at Rejuvenus Clinic, we believe in combining data with the human experience, which is why our Skin care Quiz considers 47 unique factors to learn about your skin concerns, your local environment, your lifestyle, and more. It’s also why we recommend taking the Skin Quiz every 5-7 weeks for updated results, because our skincare needs change often and our products and routines should be adjusted to match.

After you take the quiz, you’ll be given information on the best products for your skin type and your skincare needs. Then it’s simply a matter of placing your order and beginning your personalized skincare routine!

Why is Personalized Skin Care Important?

There are so many different options for skin care products and tools available today that an extra step in the skincare process might seem unnecessary. The truth is, personalized care routines aren’t just helpful for reducing signs of aging, minimizing wrinkles, and smoothing out uneven skin. They can also be used to help protect your skin and keep it healthy even as you walk your favorite trail or add another candle to your birthday cake.

Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits all practice. It’s important to account for outside factors, such as environmental allergens, diet, and stress, as well as genetics, your natural skin type, and your regular behavior or lifestyle.

Beyond that, the time of year, changes in your hormones from pregnancy or menopause, and even the amount of sleep you get on a regular basis can all play a role in determining the best products for your skin in the long and short-term. That’s why a personalized skincare routine is so important.

When we use products that aren’t designed for our skin type, we can go beyond simply not treating existing conditions. We can actually make our skin feel worse. An individual with an oily skin type is going to want to approach their skincare routine differently from someone who is managing dry skin.

Different skin conditions also may have more than one cause. For instance, breakouts can develop as the result of sebum production, the spread of bacteria, or hormones, among tons of other reasons. When we determine the root cause behind the skin concern, we can more easily manage, treat, and prevent it from developing again in the future.

Using our highly refined clinical database, we explore and combine the many potential causes behind common skin conditions, to determine the best possible approaches to helping you enjoy healthy skin, whatever that may look like for you.

Common Skin Types and Skin Care Needs

While there are many potential reasons a person may be experiencing conditions like dry skin, oily skin, or regular breakouts, it’s important to consider natural skin type, as well. A person’s natural skin type can have a significant impact on the best products and methods for managing breakouts, irritation, and inflammation. Here are some of the most common skin types and the best products for each.

Oily Skin

  • Oily skin is a condition that develops when an excess of sebum is produced. When sebum production is balanced, it helps to keep your skin properly moisturized and healthy, keeps bacteria from forming, and ensures the skin is rich in antioxidants.

  • The most common reason behind why you might be experiencing an overproduction of sebum is a change in hormones, which is why many teenagers develop acne, though oily skin can affect adults just as often. When there is too much sebum produced on the skin, it can clog the pores, allow for bacteria to reproduce, and lead to the development of the blackheads and whiteheads that make up acne breakouts. Genetics, heat, and environmental factors can all also contribute to sebum production and oily skin.

  • Oily skin may be frustrating, but there are many methods for managing it at home and with the support of your healthcare team. It’s important to wash your face regularly, to prevent oil build-up, and explore the best options for deep-penetrating cleansers, light moisturizers, and rejuvenating night creams, like the kind we can formulate for you here at Rejuvenus Clinic! Blotting papers can also be helpful for reducing the appearance of oily skin, as well, throughout your day.

Dry Skin

  • Dry skin is another common skin type that can cause irritation, but can be easily managed and treated at home with the right products and routines. When your skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it can begin to dry out, leading to flaking, itching, and discomfort. It’s important to understand some of the common causes for dry skin, so you can take the right steps to combat and avoid it in the future.

  • Some of the most common reasons behind dry skin are environmental. For instance, if you notice your skin is drier in the winter than it is in the summer, it’s likely because the heat in your home is impacting your skin. Dry climates, using hot water for showers or face washing, and exposure to the sun can all contribute to dry skin, and cause future complications like peeling, redness, or blisters.

  • Additionally, if your skin is not producing enough sebum, likely as the result of a hormone imbalance, it can mean you’re not receiving adequate moisture internally. Managing dry skin starts with moisture. Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day and eating fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients and hydration.

  • Then, trust Rejuvenus Clinic to help you find the right moisturizing products for your skin like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and ceramides. It’s also important to protect your skin from excessive UV light exposure with strong sunscreens and coverups, and to avoid water that is too hot when showering or cleaning.

Combination Skin

  • Combination skin can be a little trickier to manage than either dry or oily skin, since the products that can be used to address one skin type can exacerbate the symptoms and side effects of the other. That’s why it’s so essential to listen to your skin and find the right personalized skincare routine for your body.

  • Combination skin presents with symptoms of both dry and oily skin, which includes excess oil production on some parts of the face and not others, dandruff, mixed breakouts and dry batches, and visible pores.

  • Treating combination skin is about paying close attention to what helps your skin and what causes more side effects. You’ll want to use a gentle cleanser regularly, exfoliate with care, and blot when you notice signs of excess oil production.

  • There are different types of moisturizers that can be helpful for dry skin without contributing to oil production, and Rejuvenus Clinic can help you find the best combination of products for your specific type of combination skin.


A personalized skin care routine takes your health and wellness to the next level. It can be used to address specific skin care needs, manage combination skin, and prevent environmental factors from causing breakouts or irritation.

It’s important to check in on your personalized skin care routine regularly, as hormones, stress, diet, and location can all change and affect the way your skin responds to products and what kind of products it needs.

When you try out the Skin care Quiz here at Rejuvenus Clinic, you’ll have access to the products and methods designed just for you and your skincare needs. They account for your natural skin type, your lifestyle, environmental factors, existing conditions, and more, so get started with Rejuvenus today and see what clinically-backed ingredients and the most comprehensive skincare database ever can do for you and your skin.

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