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Croma hyaluronic acid face mask is the latest hyaluronic face mask innovated by Princess Skincare intended to add moisture ingredients into skin cells, brightening the skin, prevent wrinkles and hydrate the skin to increase the skin tone, increase the growth of cuticle and help the patient to minimise their pores.



Croma hyaluronic acid face mask is enriched in hyaluronic acid with hyaluron which boosts the process of natural hydration and restores moisture to refresh dehydrated skin. It contributes to restoring the skin’s natural glow, elasticity and firmness. Well refreshed and hydrated, the skin is left relieved and radiant.


Benefits of croma hyaluronic acid face mask 

•Moistures the skin

•Brighter skin tone

•Prevents wrinkles

•Increases the growth of cuticle

•Minimises the pores

CROMA Rejuvenating Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid

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