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Hyperpigmentation in the form of freckles, moles, and birthmarks is totally normal and usually harmless. These types of pigmented lesions appear for a range of different reasons from natural aging to sun exposure. More often than not, you don’t have to worry about them unless they appear irregular.


Whether you want to remove these blemishes for cosmetic or medical reasons, our team here at Rejuvenus Clinic can help. Our center was established to deliver effective aesthetic treatments to the wonderful people of Toronto. As such, we welcome you to schedule your appointment today and receive the professional treatment your skin deserves.

Uneven Skin Tone Rejuvenus



Uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, or in some cases, melasma, is a skin condition characterized by an irregular darkening of the skin. It can be caused by an overproduction of melanin, which is the pigment responsible for hair and skin colour. Dark patches and spots all over the face often occur when someone suffers from uneven skin tone.

Here are some causes of Uneven Skin Tone:

Excessive Sun Exposure​ - Brown spots and uneven skin tone develop as a result of repeatedly being exposed to UV light and sun damage. In this case, too much melanin is being produced. 

Hormonal Changes ​ - Melasma occurs as a result of hormone-related hyperpigmentation caused by increased hormone stimulation. This is often experienced by pregnant women, or women taking contraceptives. 


Pollution - Harmful gasses and particles from traffic air pollution can penetrate the skin and lead to the development of brown spots.


Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation​ - This cause of uneven skin tone happens as a result of scarring, which can happen after acne breakouts or skin injury. 


Genetics​ - For some individuals, hyperpigmentation is passed from generation to generation.


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Rejuvenus Clinic Hyperpigmentation



Signs of pigmentation vary depending on your specific skin condition. Freckles, for example, can be red or dark in color and tend to appear as little dots on areas that are frequently exposed to the sun.

Hyperpigmentation issues vary and can manifest themselves in vastly different ways from person to person. When you arrive at our center, the first thing we will do is determine what your underlying condition is before prescribing treatment.

Once we have understood your skin care needs, we will provide you with information and recommend some options to move forward.

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At Rejuvenus Clinic, we offer a wide range of options for addressing uneven skin tone and pigmented lesions. The best method for you will highly depend on your specific skin condition. Most of the treatments provided at our center are aimed at offering effective results while minimizing any and all discomfort. Some of the most common treatment option we employ include:


CHEMICAL PEELS - Commonly referred to as clinical peels, a chemical peel is an exfoliating uneven skin tone treatment that refreshes the skin and restores its luminosity. It stimulates skin renewal, hence delivering more visible and corrective results compared to traditional facials. It is the simplest and most cost-effective form of skin resurfacing, and can safely correct hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, acne scarring, and melasma. It takes 30 minutes to complete the procedure, delivering a gentle exfoliation of the superficial layers using one or more acids (glycolic, lactic, salicylic), in combination with fruit enzymes. 


LASER TREATMENTS - Priding itself as the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, this skincare technology combines tunable non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to give a deep dermal rejuvenation and epidermal renewal. It restores the skin’s radiance and gives off a youthful glow. It also corrects pigmentation issues on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. It is an effective uneven skin tone treatment that encourages collagen production as it penetrates the innermost layers of the skin.


MEDICAL GRADE SKINCARE - Sun exposure can worsen uneven skin tone conditions. At Rejuvenus Clinic, we always advise using sunscreen as an effective treatment option. Our range of medical-grade sunscreen products, such as the Oxygenetix Foundation and Colorescience Total Protection has an all-mineral skin shield that provides broad-spectrum protection. It is available in different shades to accommodate all skin types and colours, and has an SPF 50 UVB protection.


Say goodbye to Uneven Skin Tone with revolutionary skincare treatments from Rejuvenus Clinic. To find-out which treatment could be right for you, book an appointment today. 


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At Rejuvenus Clinic, we are dedicated to delivering the best service to our patients. 

Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, our experts will provide you will all the information you need.

My Skin Appears Blotchy and I Consistently Need to Apply Concealer in Order to Even It Out. What Are My Options?

Your first step would be to schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can discover the underlying cause of your irregular pigment. A thorough skin analysis will help determine options which may include laser treatment, clinical peels, or targeted skin care products.

What Results Can You Expect?

Depending on the treatment for uneven skin tone recommended for you, the results will vary. However, all of our treatments yield positive and encouraging results that promise a total skin rejuvenating experience. 

After choosing to undergo a clinical peel and/or laser treatment, expect to have a clearer and brighter complexion. It will correct your uneven skin tone, remove visible blemishes and eliminate any kind of skin discolouration. 

I Have Brown Spots on My Chest and Hands. Can These Areas Be Treated?

Absolutely. Both of these areas respond very well to BBL™ Broadband Light. Always remember to protect any exposed areas of the body with broad-spectrum SPF to avoid further sun damage.

How Long Do Treatment Results Last?

The longevity of the results depends on the type of uneven skin tone treatment recommended for you. Some patients choose to undergo multiple treatments to ensure longer-lasting results for up to 12 months.

A consultation with one of our skin experts will help you determine which products would be most beneficial to you.

What Skin Care Products Do You Recommend to Keep My Skin Even-toned and Radiant?

The most important product everyone should have in their skincare routine is sunscreen. We recommend a mineral-based sunscreen that is free from chemicals, with an SPF of 30 or higher. AlumierMD has some exceptional sunscreen products you may want to consider. In order to prevent sun damage, sunscreen must be worn daily, rain or shine, no exceptions!

Are Treatments Safe?

At Rejuvenus Clinic, we aim to offer the most effective and innovative non-surgical cosmetic treatments . With our patients’ safety in mind, we ensure that our equipment is of the highest quality and our team is highly trained, offering the industry’s most advanced uneven skin tone treatments. Our dedicated team of experts will be more than happy to find the best treatment for uneven skin tone for you.


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